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Gamble like a Pro. Anonymously.

AFBN Online Crypto Casino

Why travel all the way to the casino, just to be surrounded by strangers, when you can win safely on the go or from the comfort of your home?

Play Smart. Win Big.


Users are able to assign themselves a username upon creation to be publicly displayed, rendering personal wallet addresses unused and forever hidden. Simply send what you want to gamble to the in-site wallet, or reverse the order to cash out, and have fun!

Stay Hidden. Stay Secure.

Why AFBN Online Crypto Casino?

We aspire to bring you countless avenues to safely win various currencies, including the one we launched called $DRIP Token, and offer no-hassle withdrawals, all while maintaining YOUR privacy. What are you waiting for?

Gamble Responsibly.

$DRIP Deposits

Make deposits in $DRIP. Get 5% back when you deposit more than 5,000 credits at once.

Gamble Responsibly.

Our Referral Program

Refer other people to use our casino and get bonuses when they sign up, play games, or make deposits.

Why Gamble Alone?

Provably Fair

Our casino uses provably fair technology, which allows you to verify that each roll or card draw is completely random and you are not being cheated!

Gamble Responsibly.

Crypto Vault

60% of all bet-losses gets put into the Casino Wallet Vault. The more accumulated, the more games we can add and at a higher maximum bet allowed. Which means the more that potentially can be won, and in different ways!

Gamble Responsibly.

Revenue Sharing

Are you interested in earning part of the cut? AFBN Revenue Share NFT offers you just that!

With the creation of our Online Crypto Casino, we are allocating 20% of the overall monthly bet-losses to the Revenue Pool that’s equally distributed to NFT Holders as Cash.

In addition, A Few Bad Newbies is dedicating 50% of Merchandise Profits, 50% of YouTube Revenue, and 20% of NFT Sales back to the same Revenue Pool.

1 NFT = 1 Share